healthcall-marieMarie Hendrix, RN, has been a practicing registered nurse for over 40 years. As a Clinical Supervisor, Ms. Hendrix oversees the care delivery of patients and provides guidance and direction on resource utilization to the clinical team. Ms. Hendrix has been with HealthCall for more than 10 years; during her tenure, she has actively participated in HealthCall’s dynamic growth, and she gained a broad range of home health care experience at the organization, ranging from direct patient care to assistant directorship. Ms. Hendrix has extensive clinical and supervisory experience in intensive care, coronary care, and pediatrics. As a bilingual, French-speaking native of Mauritius, a graduate of Western Infirmary School of Nursing in Glasgow, Scotland and a member of the British registry of Certified Midwives, Ms. Hendrix brings an international flair and global perspective to the HealthCall clinical team.

Marie is a Certified Brain Injury Specialist (CBIS).  Certification as a Brain Injury Specialist provides recognition of an individual’s advanced training and work experience in brain injury services.  The completion and certification process demonstrates the Specialist’s commitment to learn about brain injury rehabilitation and to maintain that knowledge through continuing education.  The certification also shows that the Specialist is dedicated to providing improved quality of care for persons with brain injuries.