Emily oversees the hiring of all nursing staff and retention of clinical staff.  She is also the administrator of the scheduling department.  She seeks to drive quality customer service by acquiring knowledgeable and skilled staff that can be utilized in our client homes.  Emily has been with HealthCall since 2013.  She has experience as an RN at a local children’s hospital in pediatric neurology and neurosurgery.  She has also gained experience in gynecology, urology, labor and delivery, post-surgical nursing, and general pediatrics in her 13 years of nursing.  She has been a Clinical Supervisor and Educator at HealthCall as well.  Emily graduated from Oakland University with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Emily is a Certified Brain Injury Specialist (CBIS).  Certification as a Brain Injury Specialist provides recognition of an individual’s advanced training and work experience in brain injury services.  The completion and certification process demonstrates the Specialist’s commitment to learn about brain injury rehabilitation and to maintain that knowledge through continuing education.  The certification also shows that the Specialist is dedicated to providing improved quality of care for persons with brain injuries.