Care Profile: Anna

Catastrophic auto accident victim


Anna was catastrophically injured in an automobile accident, resulting in a traumatic brain injury. She experienced joint dysfunction, weakness, numbness, and pain in her back, neck, arms, and legs because she had also broken two vertebrae.

HealthCall worked with Anna, her family, and her physician to create an individualized care plan with the goal of meeting
Anna’s immediate medical needs while working to return a degree of independence to her life. Anna expressed her preferences for how she wanted to live and the things she wanted to do on her own or with some assistance, so we provided care and services designed to give her the greatest amount of autonomy. Her care plan includes medical services such as skilled nurse visits, medication management, community outings, ongoing aide care, and transportation when needed.

Today Anna lives with renewed confidence. She’s able to make decisions for herself and handle many aspects of day-to-day living on her own. With the help of an aide she attends church, exercises at her local gym, and is even enjoying favorite pastimes like dining out and movies. Anna’s doctor and HealthCall are reducing the hours of care she needs, as her medical condition improves and her independence grows.

*We respect our clients’ right to privacy; the names used in our care profiles are pseudonyms.

Services we provide

  • Skilled nursing
  • Medical social work
  • Speech therapy
  • Aide and attendant care
  • Community living supports
  • Medically necessary transportation