As we closed out the year, our Group Parent Training series tackled everything from navigating the holidays to a crash course on toileting to a new and exciting collaboration with our in-house team of Speech Pathologists and Occupational Therapists.

First, we kicked off the month with the initial installment of our newly established collaboration series with the Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy departments. Our HealthCall colleagues in these adjacent departments lent their expertise and insight into the worlds of Speech and OT, as well as the various benefits of interdisciplinary collaboration with the team responsible for delivering ABA services. We look forward to future collaborations with Speech and OT throughout the upcoming year in what will become a quarterly staple of our Group Parent Training series.

As we approached the mid-point of December, we were thrilled to debut a new training topic designed to guide our clients and their families as they navigate the ups and downs of the holiday season. This “Holiday How-To” training offered suggestions for family activities, both in the home and across the metro Detroit area, including tips and tricks to address the specific sensory needs of many of our families.

Our final training of the year covered the core tenets of toileting and the various strategies employed in the clinic and at home for teaching independence in the bathroom. This installment of our Group Parent Training series offered user-friendly instructions for taking toileting data in the home setting, illustrated the teaching utility of differential reinforcement when implementing a “sit schedule,” and discussed various tools and aids used in the toilet training process.

Thank you to the parents, caregivers and community members who attended our training sessions!


With gratitude,

The Group Parent Training Team