LeslieRottLeslie Rott, MA, MHA, PhD serves as HealthCall’s Compliance and Experience Officer (CXO). On the compliance side, she is responsible for leading the internal processes for promoting and ensuring HealthCall’s compliance with laws, regulations, company policies, and contracts. Ms. Rott is also responsible for overseeing the formulation and implementation of HealthCall’s policies and procedures. In addition, Ms. Rott has taken an active role in the accreditation process and has helped lead HealthCall to multiple CARF and CHAP re-accreditations. On the experience side, Ms. Rott manages the organizations data, manages and resolves client and employee complaints, oversees the creation and administration of the organization’s feedback surveys, and provides feedback to Administration via the creation and dissemination of quarterly and annual reports. In combining compliance and experience, Ms. Rott is tasked with monitoring quality and ensuring process improvement. Ms. Rott joined HealthCall in 2016.

Ms. Rott attended the University of Michigan for her Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Sociology, and for her Master’s degree and PhD in Sociology. Her dissertation, titled, “Stretched to the Limit: Organizations for Short Statured People and the Management of Stigma,” explored the role of online and in-person advocacy for health-related advocacy organizations. She also attended Sarah Lawrence College, where she received a Master’s degree in Health Advocacy. Prior to joining HealthCall in 2016, Ms. Rott worked as a Patient Advocate at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City.

Outside of HealthCall, Ms. Rott is highly active in the chronic illness online community. She travels the country sharing her experience living with Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis, with the hope of improving healthcare for all patients.