Behavioral Services

HealthCall Behavioral Services provides state-of-the-art, comprehensive behavioral support for families with children who have developmental differences, including autism.

Keeping You Safe

HealthCall has taken extra steps to create a safe, secure environment for our clients, families and staff. Learn about the changes we’ve made to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 when visiting our clinic.

HealthCall Supports Nurses

Support for Nurses

Our Nurse Recruiter and Community Liaison explains why HealthCall is leading the way in the field of community nursing.

HealthCall Supports Our Community

Focus on Community

At HealthCall, we believe that community nursing is about giving back and building connections in the neighborhoods we serve.

HealthCall Offers Person-Centered Care

Person-Centered Care

At HealthCall, we make healthcare personal. We get to know our clients as people so we can address their psychological, emotional and social needs along with their medical needs.

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Behavioral Services

Our professional staff specializes in comprehensive diagnostic evaluations for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) as well as complete behavioral assessments and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). We are committed to delivering the highest levels of compassionate, person-centered services. HealthCall partners with public mental health services including Oakland Community Health Network.

Home and Community Services

HealthCall has provided private duty nursing and in-home health care services in Michigan since 1987. Our professional staff specializes in treating catastrophically injured individuals as well as infants, children and adults with medical disabilities and traumatic brain injuries. We are committed to delivering the highest levels of quality, person-centered in-home services and have earned accreditation from both CHAP and CARF International.

Professional Credentials

Accreditation requires a rigorous peer review process and proof that programs and services are measurable, accountable, and of the highest quality. We’re proud to have earned accreditation from both CHAP and CARF International because we’ve always believed that community-based services should meet or exceed the exceptional quality standards those organizations demand and that our clients deserve.

HCHS 36 Years of Service

Client and Employee Satisfaction

100% Clients would recommend HealthCall Home and Community Services

90% of employees feel valued by the organization

HealthCall Employee's Average Length of Tenure

HealthCall complies with all applicable Federal civil rights laws and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, sex or gender identity.