HealthCall has recently teamed up with Fuse45 to promote healthy living!

With the countless amounts of workout combinations, it is hard to know which is actually effective for you. Fuse45 offers an invigorating, results-driven, and well-rounded workout for all fitness levels! Their 45-minute cardio and strength combination class is high intensity and low impact. Rotate through 45-second cardio and strength stations for a full-body workout that is sustainable and invigorating. The goal of the Fuse45 method is to elevate your heart rate during cardio work and then bring it down during strength training. Practicing interval training in this way is the most effective for losing weight, improving cardiovascular health, building strength, toning muscles, developing balance, and advancing your flexibility.

Fuse45 is offering special discounts for HealthCall employees, including 10% off 10 and 20 class packs! Email from a HealthCall email address or mention this article to request a discounted package purchase!

Check out their website for more on Fuse45’s program and class schedules