As a Speech Language Pathologist for HealthCall Behavioral Services, Cheri conducts comprehensive assessments of language and communication, and she sets personalized goals, focused on initiating spontaneous communication and engaging in reciprocal communication.  Cheri joins HealthCall after teaching in Michigan schools for 36 years.   Cheri holds a Master of Arts degree in Speech Pathology from Eastern Michigan University. Cheri, a life-long learner, earned a Master’s  in Special Education with an endorsement in Autism Spectrum Disorder, an Education Specialist in School Administration and School Leadership, and an Educational Specialist in Early Childhood Special Education all from her studies at Oakland University.  She has served on school improvement teams and has been a speaker at conferences such as North Central School Accreditation.  Previously, Cheri managed a clinic at a summer residential camp for seven years.   She worked and lived on the campgrounds assuring unique campers all had access to the summer camp experiences parents selected for them.   Cheri is proud of her parent relationships, her capacity to bridge programs between the therapy or school environment and homes, and she has generated countless peer support groups across Oakland County.  Cheri finds one of the most rewarding aspects of her career is to help children reach their potential and see the parents’ joy as being part of this team.